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Battery Balancers

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More about the Lithium Battery Balancers with LED Indicator Lights

We recently expanded our line of Balancers/Equalizers to include ones with LED Indicator Lights. They perform the same tasks as the old Balancers like keeping your batteries voltage difference within 10mV and prolonging battery lifespan by 2-3 times.

Additionally, it has a lighting system to indicate the status of your batteries. There are two LED indicators on the balancer which tells you the status of your batteries (charge or discharge) and status of the balancer (cut-off or working or faulty).

Cell balancing works similar to cups with different amounts of water in each. A balancer that is in the process of equalizing batteries is like a pump that is attached from one cup to another. With the pumps, all the cups will have the same level of water.

When a pack of batteries reaches a specified charge cutoff voltage then the charger will shut off. If one cell in a pack reaches that voltage before other cells reaches a full charge it will cause the charger to shut off - prematurely denying the balance of the pack a full charge.

Conversely, when the weakest cell in a pack reaches its discharge cutoff voltage it will show as the discharge point and shut down the pack prematurely - thereby denying the user the balance of energy the other cells have stored.

These battery equalizers prevent this from happening. This yields up to 30% more power and will extend the life of the battery pack.