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HyPer 9 IS EV AC Motor
100V, 750A
Currently Not Available From Netgain
NetGain HyPer 9 IS Motors
HyPer 9 IS EV AC Motor <br> 100V, 750A <br> Currently Not Available From Netgain
HyPer 9 IS 100V, 750A EV AC Motor
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HyPer 9 ™ Motor

Currently Not Available From Netgain

The HyPer 9 Integrated System™ (IS) is the ideal power-train for any light to mid-weight daily driver. Combine multiple systems for heavy-weight and racing vehicles. Our HyPer 9  motor is a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) AC motor. The HyPer 9 IS  will include a HyPer 9 motor, fully matched and programmable SRIPM motor controller, diagnostic display, throttle, main contactor, and low voltage wire harness.

On the technical side, the HyPer 9 , runs at a nominal voltage of 100V that will provide 85 KW at peak load. Peak efficiency reaches ~95%. Maximum current is 850 Amps. Shaft torque has been measured at 173 lbs.-ft at zero RPM. Peak RPM is 8000 with a maximum continuous RPM of 3300. Dimensionally, it is 13.98” long with a sealed frame diameter of 8.66” and a weight of 120 lbs. The shaft is single ended and keyed with a NEMA B-Face mounting that matches exactly with the WarP 9 .


Technical Specifications:

·  Type: SRIPM

·  Voltage: 100V Nominal

·  Current: 750 Amp

·  Efficiency Peak: 95%

·  KW Peak: 100 @ 125V

·  KW Continuous: 35 @ 125V

·  RPM Peak: 8,000

·  RPM Continuous: 3,300

·  Torque: 173 lbs.-ft. @ 0 RPM

·  Regen: Yes, Tailorable

·  Motor Diameter: 8.66”

·  Motor Length: 13.976”

·  Motor Weight: 120 lbs.

·  Controller Weight: 9 lbs.

·  Shaft: Single Ended, Keyed

·  Mounting: B-Face (WarP 9 )

·  Insulation: Class “H”

·  Software: SmartView

·  Delivery: Stock

SRIPM Advantages:


The Reluctance Rotor is a low loss design for current to take a natural path of least resistance. There are no windings in the rotor - this means 0 ohmic rotor losses. Cooling fans are not required, yielding even lower losses.



The constant and revolving fields rotate at synchronous speeds, allowing for precise control with no rotor slip.



The Internal Permanent Magnets produce significant torque over non-magnetic SR motors.



The Integrated motor and controller/inverted are designed for and mapped to one other for maximum performance and efficiency.

Specifications Sheet

Torque Graph
Engine Drawing
HyPer Drive X1 Controller User Manual

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HyPer 9 IS 100V, 750A EV AC Motor
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