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1-60 Batteries Per BMU<br>EV Battery Management System (BMS)<br>1-1000 Batteries
Main Screen View 1 - 1-60 Batteries Per BMU EV Battery Management System (BMS) Custom Built LIGOO B51A 1-400 Batteries
1-60 Batteries Per BMU
EV Battery Management System (BMS)
1-1000 Batteries
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1-60 Batteries Per BMU EV Battery Management System (BMS) Custom Built LIGOO B51A 1-1000 Batteries  
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1-60 Batteries Per BMU

EV Battery Management System (BMS)

Custom Built LIGOO B51A

1-1000 Batteries


BMS Fundamentals Explained

Your B51A EV BMS


·   One BCU ($316)

·   At least one BMU – Pick and choose what you need – If your battery pack is split into two or more locations farther than three feet (one meter) apart, you will need to use a BMU for each set. BMU connections cannot be split between sets.

o   1-12 batteries or series sets ($230)

o   13-24 batteries or series sets ($461)

o   25-36 batteries or series sets ($691)

o   37-48 batteries or series sets ($864)

o   49-60 batteries or series sets ($1080)

o   Each BMU can come with up to one temperature sensor for each battery


·   One Screen

 o   3.5” ($204)

 o   5.7” ($312)


·   One Current Sensor for 100-500A or 1000A ($60)


·   One Cable Set according to your battery count

 o   24 or fewer ($97)

 o   25-48 ($134)

 o   49-96 ($186)

 o   97-150 ($223)

 o   150 or more ($281)


The most basic kit is:

1 Each BCU ($316),

1 Each BMU 1-12 Batteries ($230),

1 Each Current Sensor ($60),

and 24 or fewer Cable Set ($97)

= $703



User Manual (2.5MB)


Optional for Your Ligoo B51A EV BMS

·    LDM aka Insulation Detection Modules for your BMS ($139)

·    BMS Fan ($130)

·    HCM (Heavy-current Control Module or Heavy-current Control Box) is a part of the HCS (Heavy-current Control System - pg 15). It’s typically used for packs of 100 cells in series or larger and used to hold your high voltage relays, contactors and current sensors etc. The box by itself for your BMS. ($130)

o   The Current Sensor comes with the BMS.

·     The ECU and WTM are not sold for your Ligoo BMS


LIGOO is a company that specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of battery management systems (BMS). The BMS research group of LIGOO mainly comes from of the University of Science and Technology of China. LIGOO owns a number of patents and has some of the most advanced technology in the field. With its industrialization, LIGOO has developed a group of BMS units that are able to meet the needs of the majority of the EV community.


LIGOO is the leader in the development of BMS units in the field of Telecommunication. It's one of the most important members of the National “863 project” and is devoted to providing the best BMS units and service to our customer in the world.


Ligoo Acclaims and Qualifications

ISO Certified BMS

·        ISO/TS16949 – First domestic BMS manufacturer to get this certificate

CE Approved BMS

·        CE – CE Approved BMS

10 Core Patents BMS

·        Patents – 10 Core Technical BMS Patents

6 Software Copyrights BMS

·        Copyrights – 6 BMS Software Copyrights







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