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12V 400Ah Preferred LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack
12V 400Ah Preferred LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

5.12kW Preferred 12V 400Ah Lithium Battery Can Be Paralleled 5 Year Factory Warranty 3000 Charge Cycles 150A Maximum-Continuous 17.0"L * 10.5"W * 10.0"H - 89 Lbs.

Price for 1 Each: $2,280.00
Item ID:12V400

12V 400Ah Preferred LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack
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5.12kW 12V 400Ah Preferred Battery

3000 Charge Cycles

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

17.0L * 10.5W * 10.0H in.

432 * 266 * 254 mm

89 Lbs. / 40.5 Kg

5 Year Factory Warranty!

Battery Specifications

Battery Pack Components

Paralleling Instructions for BMS and Meter

BMS for Batteries will handle 200 Amps.

We cannot cancel battery orders once they have been shipped.

Can Be Paralleled. (When paralleling it is best to use the Bestgo

Pro-version battery pack ($150 extra).)

All Bestgo Pro-version batteries come with a paralleling harness included.

12V 400Ah, 24V 200Ah, or 48V 100Ah

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*For exact shipping cost, please send your complete address using our Contact Us form. Please also identify this lithium battery pack in the message field.

**Please contact us for a custom quote for over 5+ pieces.

Bestgo has developed the Pro-version battery packs with a 12-pin connector to notify the user with an alert signal to prevent the battery from working outside its limits. This system does not directly shut off power to the unit like a BMS would. This Pro feature is very useful and necessary in a parallel configured system if the total discharge current (draw from the whole battery system) is over the signal pack discharge current limit.

An on/off signal sends out the alert. In a normal state, the 2 pins are an open circuit (turned off). Whenever the status becomes abnormal, the 2 pins will then become a closed circuit (connected in circuit). In this way, the alarm system can be used to turn on an alarm speaker, alarm lighting, or some other way to notify the user.

The alert signals for the charging and discharging status can detect any abnormal status in the amperage, voltage, and temperature information. These signals can then be used to turn on the cooling systems, the heater, etc. For more details, please read the “Paralleling Instructions for BMS and Meter”.

Important notice:

The alert signal acts as the last defense line for protecting the equipment which cannot accept a sudden shut off caused by the BMS. If possible, please do NOT try to trigger alert signals while in the nominal usage condition. You can adjust the usage condition of the battery packs to keep them in the reasonably good range for a long healthy life.

For parallel configuration, we suggest a total discharging current of no more than 0.5C for 2 packs system, 0.66C for 3 packs system, 0.75C for a system of 4 packs and more. This acts as a backup if one pack fails or the BMS shuts off, then the other packs are still able to withstand the power output.

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