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30KWH 51.2V 800Ah Battery System Grid-Tied

Price for 1 Each: $23,810.00


  •  Outdoor weatherproof cabinet design provides a higher level of safety performance for home ESS
  •  The battery modules are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing device to prevent fire hazards.
  •  The cabinet temperature control adopts the design of thermal insulation layer and air conditioner
  •  Parallel function between systems
  •  12kW EPS Output
  •  Peak Shaving Function
  •  AC Coupling Function
  •  3 MPPT Input for max input 18kW
  •  200A AC Passthrough Current
  •  Remote monitoring function
  •  System integration design
  •  Battery modular design
  •  Built-in intelligent BMS
  •  Humanized alarm function and online protection function
  •  Stable performance, safe and reliable, long service life
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