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50KWh 150A-250A 48 Volt Module
Energy Storage System
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50KWh 150A-250A 48 Volt Module<br>Energy Storage System
50KWh 150A-250A 48 Volt Module Energy Storage System
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50KWh 48 Volt Module

Energy Storage System

These systems can be paralleled up to 14 systems.

50KWh System - $24,175*

100KWh System - $48,435*

150KWh System - $72,652*

200KWh System - $96,870*

250KWh System - $121,088*

*Plus Shipping - FOB China

Systems Over 250KWh – Contact us for pricing

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50KWh 150A-250A 48 Volt Module Energy Storage System
Energy Storage System Needed?
50KWh System (+$0)
100KWh System (+$24,260)
150KWh System (+$48,477)
200KWh System (+$72,695)
250KWh System (+$96,913)
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Battery Cell Specifications:

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah

Nominal Voltage: 3.2V


Internal Impedance: <0.4 milliohms


Weight: 5.0 Lbs. (2.25Kg)


Energy Density: 142 Wh/Kg


RT Cycle Life: 5000 cycles


Low Temperature Discharge Cap Retention: >90%


Self-discharge Rate: <3% per month


Standard Charge Current: 50A


Max Continuous Charge Current: 200A


Limited Charge Voltage: 3.65V


Standard Discharge Current: 100A


Max Continuous Discharge Current: 200A


Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 2.5V


Operating Charge Temperature: 32~131F (0~55C)


Operating Discharge Temperature: -4~140F (-20~60C)


Storage Temperature: -4~104F (-20~40C)


Storage Humidity: 15%~90% RH


Storage State of Charge (SOC): 30%~50%


Delivery Capacity (SOC): 30%

Battery Module Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 48V


Actual Voltage: 51.2V


Nominal Capacity: 100Ah


Configuration: 1P16S


Weight: <132 Lbs. (<60Kg)


Max Continuous Discharge Current: 200A


Max Continuous Charge Current: 100A


Peak Discharge Current: 300A (1 min); 350A (10s)


Peak Charge Current: 200A


Charge Working Temperature: 32F~131F (0C~55C)


Discharge Temperature: -4F~140F (-20C~60C)

Insulation Requirement: More than 500 milliohms

Heating Method: No

Dimensions: 24.1 * 19.7 * 6.5 in. (612 * 500 * 165.5mm)

Battery Cluster Specifications:

Nominal Voltage (50% SOC): 48V


Actual Voltage (50% SOC): 51.2V


Nominal Capacity: 1000Ah


Cluster Configuration: 16S10P


Cluster Total Energy: 51.2KWh


Cluster Available Energy: 47.1KWh


Voltage Range: 40V~58.4V


Max Pulse Discharge Current: 3000A (1 min); 3500A (10s)


Max Continuous Discharge Current: 2000A


Max Pulse Charge Current (10s): 1500A


Max Continuous Charge Current: 1000A


Max SOC Operating Window: 5% SOC~97% SOC


Life Cycles: >3500 cycles


Max CP/CC Charge Voltage: 56.8V


Min CP/CC Discharge Voltage: 45.87V


1.15 Month, (25C), 50% SOC Self-discharge: 3%


Insulation Resistance Value: More than 30 milliohms


IP Grade: IP21


Dimensions: 27.6 x 33.9 x 86.6 in. (700mm x 860mm x 2200mm)


Weight: 1,764 Lbs. (800Kg)


The battery cabinet is mainly installed with a battery box and a BMS main management system, supporting wires and cables, and high and low voltage electrical protection components. The cabinet adopts a grouped and layered design, which has a beautiful appearance. The cabinet adopts maintenance-free technology and modular assembly structure to ensure that the cabinet structure has good mechanical strength, and the overall structure can meet the reliability and safety of the entire system to the greatest extent. The battery system is composed of 10 layers and 1 column.

Battery Management System (BMS) Basic Functions

The BMS mainly includes battery status monitoring operation control, event record storage function, insulation monitoring, dynamic balance management, protection alarm, communication and other functions to ensure normal, stable and reliable system operation.

BMS Specifications:


BMS Mode: Main controller; Sub-controller


BMS Power Supply: Battery power (Take power directly from the general positive and negative terminals of the battery.)


Cell Voltage Acquisition: 16S qty


Temp Acquisition: 80 points (8 for each module)


Current acquisition: Current diverter


SOC Estimation Accuracy: <5%


External Communication Interfaces and Channels: 2 CAN, 1 internal CAN, 1 debug CAN


Termination Resistor Location: 120 milliohms resistor at the battery box 10 harness end


Reverse Power Protection


Balancing Requirement: Passive


Balancing Current: <100mA


Display Screen: 7.0 inch, 48V power supply, CAN communication


Voltage Control Information (module): Channel 1 charge control, 1 discharge control, 1 current limit control



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