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552kWh 460V 1212Ah Lithium Battery Pack Energy Storage System
552kWh 460V 1212Ah Lithium Battery Pack Energy Storage System

552kWh 460V 1212Ah Lithium Battery Pack Energy Storage System

Price for 1 Each: $184,000.00
Item ID:ECPC-552kWh-460V-1212Ah-ESS

552kWh 460V 1212Ah Lithium Battery Pack Energy Storage System
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552kWh 460V 1212Ah

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

Energy Storage System


$184,000 – FOB China


The 552kWh 460V 1212Ah lithium battery pack energy storage system is composed of lithium battery modules, a BMS system, a PV charge controller or an AC/DC charger or both, a central control unit CCU, a temperature detector, an integrated structure and other parts. The solar panels in the system are for battery storage and power for output. The BMS module completes the detection and control of the voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH, and charging and discharging related parameters of the power battery pack. The BMS system controls the charging of the PV charger controller and AC/DC charger according to the battery condition, maximizing the protection of the battery charging and discharging performance. The Inverter converts DC to AC. Each detector is used to monitor the ambient temperature in real time to ensure the safety of the system.





Standardized components, modular architecture, easy to expand

High energy density, small footprint, short construction period, strong environmental adaptability.


The battery module with a layered stack design and more than 10 years of design life.


Long cycle life LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery system from 10KWH-50KWH optional.


An international advanced Mitsubishi IPM module and intelligent power module, with high power fast adjustment capability.


A BMS battery management system with SOC automatic calibration and high current active balance function, combined with perfect operation control and management strategies to achieve accurate and efficient management.


The combination of software and hardware protection, with alarm protection and automatic diagnostic functions, improve the protection strategy to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system.


The system communicates with the monitoring platform in real time through RS232, CAN communication interface, and reports various records in time to ensure real-time monitoring of the battery pack by the monitoring platform.


The PV charge controller adopts three charging stages (buck charging, equalize charging, and float charging) which can maximize the utilization of PV modules and batteries.


An AC/DC charger with an LCD touch screen display which can display fault code and KWH, the output voltage parameter is adjustable, can set the charging time, can work in parallel with CAN communication port.


Colorful LCD display to show all module working information and status.



202AH 3.2V Lithium Cell Specifications:


Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)


Nominal Capacity: 202Ah


Average Working Voltage: 3.2V


AC Impedance: <0.3 milliohms


Charging End Voltage: 3.65V


Discharge End Voltage over 32F (0C): 2.5V


Discharge End Voltage under 32F (0C): 2.0V


Max Charge Operating Temperature Range: -4F~131F (-20C~55C)


Max Discharge Operating Temperature Range: -22F~131F (-30C~55C)


Optimal Charge and Discharge Operating Temperature Range: 59F~95F (15C~35C)


Storage Temperature (1 Month): -40F~113F (-40C~45C)


Storage Temperature (6 Months): -4F~95F (-20C~35C)


Cells should be stored at the state of 20%~40% SOC or when the voltage is between 3.275V and 3.304V.


Cell Weight (each): 8.6 Lbs. (3.9 Kg)

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