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About Us


Carl and Kelly with Converted Electric Car



Carl’s Clean Air Crusade

In 1967 Carl was in the Utah State Senate. While there, he personally wrote and sponsored the first legislation concerning the regulation of air pollution for the State entitled ‘Utah Clean Air Act’. That event got him interested in matters involving cleaning up the environment.

In 1978 Carl started a company that was devoted to converting vehicles to propane or compressed natural gas. Over the next few years, his company supplied equipment and converted over 300 vehicles to operate on natural gas.

In 2007 Carl saw a movie called ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’. The movie disturbed him a great deal. To learn the lengths that General Motors had gone to deprive the average American from being able to drive on an inexpensive, non-polluting fuel made Carl determined to go on a crusade and the Electric Car Company was born.

Today, our business has grown where we not only sell equipment to convert to electric vehicles, but we have expanded to specialize in lithium batteries, chargers, and solar energy storage. We are utilizing the knowledge we have gained and are applying that knowledge and experience to help our customers develop almost any lithium application imaginable. We are in an exciting time! So, “GO FOR IT,” let your creative mind work! Contact us and we will do our darndest to help you complete your project!



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