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Batteries - Lithium

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<h2>Batteries - Lithium</h2>
Aluminum, Prismatic, and Pouch Batteries and 12V or 24V Replacement Drop-in for Lead-Acid Batteries
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More about the Aluminum Lithium Batteries

Read about how the Aluminum Encased Lithium Batteries have TWICE the life of plastic encased batteries by following the link and viewing the Life Expectancy chart.

More about the CALB Prismatic Lithium Batteries

CALB Batteries are a very popular choice for powering electric cars because of the LiFePO4 lithium battery chemistry and reasonable price. The 100Ah cells are often chosen over the 180Ah lithium cells because of the CA100Ah battery’s smaller size.

The CA100 CALB Battery provides the user with a large 100Ah lithium ion cell. With an iron phosphate chemistry and large format design, the CA100 cell is ideal for use in varying temperatures, in vehicles, and in stationary energy storage systems.

We price the CALB 100Ah lithium battery lower than other suppliers and offer generous discounts on battery packs of greater than 16 cells and 48 cells. These batteries have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a cycle life of over 2,000 charge cycles. They also come with bolts and washers.

See if this 100Ah battery will work for your next project!