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Battery Packs Get Balanced Just as Promised

Posted by Carl Clark on 7/19/2019
Battery Packs Get Balanced Just as Promised
We’ve recently received a lot of good feedback about how accurate the Battery Voltage-Amperage Balancers/Equalizers are. We make the claim that the Battery Balancers keep the batteries voltage difference within 10mV, and we’ve had that confirmed many times by those who’ve used them to balance their battery packs.

Balancer Feedback

Here’s a small sampling of the comments we’ve received about the Balancers:

“The Lithium balancers are keeping my 7S 24V EV battery based off-grid "shore power" solution for my motorhome balanced within 0.01V per cell. Going to check with ECPC any time I need something to do with batteries or power solutions.”

“Very pleased with their function. Bought 7 for a 24V LiPo battery. At rest, they were within .05V. once current flowed in and out of the battery they pulled to within .01.” 

“I tried many cheap units, but none worked then called and asked what Electric Car Parts Company recommended and I ended up getting these. Took a couple days but my lithium system is now balanced and working great. Thank you!”

Why you need a Battery Balancing System

The individual cells in a battery pack are rarely an exact duplicate of all the cells in the battery pack.

In actual practice, when a pack of batteries reaches a specified charge cutoff voltage than the charger will shut off. If one cell in a pack reaches that voltage before other cells reach a full charge it will cause the charger to shut off – prematurely denying the balance of the pack a full charge.

Conversely, when the weakest cell in a pack reaches its discharge cutoff voltage it will show as the discharge point and shut down the pack prematurely – thereby denying the user the balance of energy the other cells have stored.

These battery equalizers prevent this from happening. This yields up to 30% more power and will extend the life of the battery pack.

Benefits and Features

Quick and easy installation

Keeps your batteries voltage difference within 10mV!

Keeps your batteries safe at all times. May increase the lifespan of your battery pack by 2-3 times by preventing the batteries from being overcharged or over discharged.

High-frequency pulse, dynamic battery voltage-amperage balancer.

Simple wiring and high efficiency

Low price. You pay a small amount to protect your battery. Compared to the cost of replacing your expensive Lithium Battery, the Balancer is very inexpensive.

Fast delivery, 1~2 business days.

Works with all charger amperage and voltage inputs.

All 1S Single Balancers come with the interconnecting and battery wiring

0.5m / 1.5ft / 0.5m maximum suggested wire length for all the multiple series balancers. (35m 4S, 5S, 6S, 8S)

Idle Current Draw is <50mW.

Series modules may work with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 batteries in series (AKA 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, or 8S).

Series modules do not come with the wiring to connect to the batteries.

Illustration to show how Battery Balancers protect Batteries

Diagram That Shows How Balancers Work


This diagram shows how balancers work. Each battery is compared to a cup. Each balancer is like a pump. With the pumps, all the cups will have the same level of water. The balancers are connected in parallel to the batteries. They won’t affect the charging or discharging of the batteries.

Having an effective Battery Management System (BMS) is essential to protect any Lithium Battery Pack. We’re very glad to have low-cost solutions that work consistently and to the right specifications.

See the Battery Balancing Solution Here



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Date: 11/9/2020
We've recently received a lot of good feedback about how accurate the Battery Voltage-Amperage Balancers/Equalizers are. A lot of different possibilities and none of them are really certain yet, but they look very promising. A number of battery companies have gone bankrupt, underlining the fact that and battery-based energy systems” requires that not only planners

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