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Lithium Batteries Without Tariffs

Posted by Carl Clark on 8/16/2019
Lithium Batteries Without Tariffs
The tariffs being imposed on September 1st will add 10% to the cost of Lithium-ion Batteries. If you need to save money on your next Lithium Battery purchase, we would like to suggest you go with cells that are already in USA stock. We have a large stockpile of the 25Ah60Ah, and 100Ah LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells with a high number of charge cycles and better heat dissipation. They are ideal for both Electric Cars and Solar Energy Storage.

Many similar batteries only have a cycle life of about 2,000 cycles. The 3.2V 60Ah and 100Ah Lithium Batteries each have a cycle life of over 3,000 cycles. Price breaks are available for these batteries starting at 16 each. See complete pricing and specifications by following the links above.

Please read on for good information about why these Lithium Batteries perform better:

What is the Life Expectancy of the Aluminum Batteries?

-      Factor 1: Depth of Discharge…Percentage of Capacity Used Per Cycle.

-      DOD, short for the Depth of Discharge, is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged. If we say a battery is 100% fully charged, it means the DOD of this battery is 0%, If we say the battery have delivered 30% of its energy, here are 70% energy reserved, we say the DOD of this battery is 30%.

-      Factor 2: Discharge Rate, The AMPS Divided by the Capacity

-      To Read the Chart Above, here are Some Examples

A.   All Numbers are at a 1C Discharge Rate, which is Aggressive…

B.   At a 90% Depth of Discharge, Our Batteries Will Provide 2400 Cycle to 80% State-of-Original-Capacity (SOIC)

C.   At a 10% Depth of Discharge (Say, Engine Starting) Our Batteries Will Provide 35,000 Cycles Until 80% SOIC. Beyond 35,000 Cycles the Battery is Still Functioning but Gradually Losing Capacity, but not Performance

Conclusion: By recharging a lithium battery more frequently, thus reducing the DOD (depth of discharge), the battery cycle life is Increased. Solar is very often a beneficial method to reduce DOD and increase life!

Read More About Measuring Battery Life Here

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