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1kW / 1000 Watts
84V 10A
Lithium* or Lead-Acid Battery Charger
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1kW / 1000 Watts <br> 84V 10A <br> Lithium* or Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Onboard - 84V 10A Lithium or Lead-Acid Battery Charger
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84V- 10A, 1kW / 1000 Watts

84V 10A
Lithium or Lead-Acid

Battery Charger

11.0-L * 9.7-W * 4.3-H in

280 * 246 * 110 mm

11.0 Lbs. / 5.0 Kg


*Lithium must be manually programmed by the factory so there's an $89 extra charge for the conversion when selecting the options below


Specifications for your

84V 10A Lithium or Lead-Acid Battery Charger:


  • Battery temperature monitor
  • Multi-color LED indicator for >80% charge, full charge, fault
  • Field programmable with up to 10 QuiQ charging profiles
  • Download charge/event data using QuiQ Programmer


DC Output - 84 VDC

Nominal DC output voltage

84 V

Maximum DC output voltage

120 V

Maximum DC output current

10 A

Maximum DC output power

1000 W

Deep discharge recovery

(minimum voltage)

21 V

Maximum interlock current

0.5 A

Battery type

Lead acid (Wet/AGM/GEL), lithium ion

Reverse polarity

Electronic protection with auto-reset

Short circuit

Electronic current limit


AC Input

AC input voltage range

85-265 VAC

Nominal AC input voltage

120 VAC/230 VAC rms

AC input frequency

>45-65 Hz

Maximum/nominal AC input current

12 A/9.5 A @120 VAC; 5 A rms @230 VAC

Nominal AC power factor

>0.99 @ 120VAC/>0.98 @ 230 VAC




28.0 x 24.6 x 11.0 cm (11 x 9.7 x 4.3”)


< 5 kg. (<11 lbs.)

AC input connector

IEC320/C14 (requires country-specific cord)

DC output connector

OEM specific with 12 AWG wire




IP66 (NEMA4)

Operating temperature

-30C to +50C (-22F to 122F)

Derated at >30C (86F), <0C (32F)

Storage temperature

-40C to +70C (-40F to 158F)

Golf Cable Connectors

              GCC-A                         GCC-B                 GCC-C          GCC-D

     GCC-A Connector - Delta-Q  GCC-B Connector - Delta-Q  GCC-C Connector - Delta-Q  GCC-D Connector - Delta-Q


            GCC-E                      GCC-F                               GCC-G

      GCC-E Connector - Delta-Q  GCC-F Connector - Delta-Q  GCC-G Connector - Delta-Q