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New Large Lithium Energy Storage System Sizes and Data

Posted by Carl Clark on 4/10/2019
New Large Lithium Energy Storage System Sizes and Data

Brand new sizes and data available about Large Lithium Energy Storage Systems. We just received the data for a 500KW, a 1MW (480V or 618V), a 15MW, and a 30MW Large Energy Storage Module with Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries in 40 ft. containers. A full explanation and calculation of how you get the right power and voltage is included on the datasheet for each size energy container (500KW to 30MW).

These energy storage containers are made up of lithium iron phosphate batteries with a high energy density and a long cycle life. Very little space is unused with a compact box structure. The entire system is highly integrated and easy to install and transport.

This diagram shows how the Energy Storage Systems interface with the electrical grid. Power from solar panels or wind turbines is stored in Lithium Batteries during low grid demand. The energy stored in the storage system is used for power shifting for peak shaving or demand compensation and pulse load compensation in houses, factories, ferries, etc.

The following advantages will be enjoyed when the storage system is utilized:

High energy density, small footprint, short construction period, and strong environmental adaptability

Standardized components and modular architecture for easy expansion

Battery module within the layered stack design

Battery Management System (BMS) with SOC automatic calibration

High precision detection includes cluster voltage detection in real time, cluster charging/discharging current detection, cell terminal voltage detection, cluster multipoint temperature, and cluster electric leakage detection

Equalization function

We’re very pleased to be on the cutting edge of new Energy Storage technology innovations. Whether you need a 500KW, 1MW, 15MW, or 30MW system these new additions reflect our main slogan, “No project is too big or small.”

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