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New Large Long-Life Lithium Battery Called XCell

Posted by Carl Clark on 11/9/2018
New Large Long-Life Lithium Battery Called XCell

On a recent trip, I visited a battery factory that makes these larger Ampere-Hour (Ah) Lithium Batteries. I’m excited that we can now expand our line of Long-Life Aluminum-Encased Lithium Batteries. Before we found this cell, our highest ‘Ah’ battery was the 220Ah Bright Star cell. Now we have the XCell 277Ah Battery that goes over 3,000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of the original capacity. Additionally the 240Ah XCell Lithium Battery goes over 3,500 charge cycles before reaching the 80% threshold.

This is the fourth different company that makes what I consider our number 1 product; Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries. We started out with New Energy cells several years ago and then moved on to the Fortune batteries in June of last year. Fortune makes great 60Ah and 100Ah cells which we regularly sell out of soon after we receive a shipment to our offices.

The Bright Star battery came soon after in August of last year. I thought this would be the best battery company I could find because the factory was so impressive and they made larger cells than Fortune could supply. But I think I just might have found the best battery of them all, the XCell battery. I’m always on the lookout for a better performing battery pack and I’m excited to have this new deal with XCell. We get these cells at a lower per-ampere-hour price than either the Fortune or the Bright Star so we are ready to quote you a great price on these new batteries.

Check out the pricing and specifications for yourself to see what I’m so excited about!

View the 240Ah XCell Battery Here



   View the 277Ah XCell Battery Here

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