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1-16 Cells/Batteries  EV Orion BMS (Battery Management System) Orion BMS Jr Size
1-16 Cells/Batteries EV Orion BMS (Battery Management System) Orion BMS Jr Size

Orion Jr 2 BMS
1-16 Cells-Batteries
USA Stock and Support

Price for 1 Each: $499.00
Item ID:Orion-BMS-Jr-2

Orion Jr BMS EV Orion LiFePO4 LiMn2O2 LiFeMnPO4 Li-Ion LiPo LiFeYPO4 LiCoO2 LiMn2O4 1-16 Cells Batteries
Battery Chemistry, Single Cell Peak Voltage, Brand and Model? - Entry Required
CANbus Communication?
Cell Count?
6ft/2m Cell-Tap Wiring Harness?
Main Connector I/O Wiring Harness?
Current Sensor Harness
Shunt Sensor Needed?
Tap Validation Tool?
Basic SOC Display?
SOC Display with Data Logging?
Connect Remote Monitoring System?
Thermistor Expansion Module (& No. of Thermistors) Needed?
Thermistor Expansion Module 6 ft. Wiring Harness (Up to 20 Thermistors)?
Stock/Production Option?
USA Stock/Production
Shipping Method? - Selection Required
If buying without batteries shipping costs $15
If buying with batteries shipping will be quoted separately
Delivery Date Needed?
Special Instructions?
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  • $499.00

1-16 Cells/Batteries

EV Orion Jr. 2 BMS (Battery Management System)

0.5-5v LiFePO4, LiNCM, LiMn2O2, LiFeMnPO4

Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFeYPO4, LiCoO2, LiMn2O4

Orion BMS Jr. Size

2-4 Day USA Shipping


Orion Jr. 2 User Manual

Orion Jr. 2 Spec Sheet

BMS Fundamentals Explained

Instructions for Paralleling Strings of Batteries

Get Started

Note: Orion BMS systems are NOT permitted to be used in any aircraft/aerospace (manned or unmanned) applications.

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