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SPDT Single Pole Double Throw NO
200A 12kW Contactor
UL Listed USA Stock!
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SPDT Single Pole Double Throw NO<br>200A 12kW Contactor<br>UL Listed USA Stock!
200A 12,000W, 12kW Contactor 12V-1000A, 12V DC Coil NO-Normally Open EV Contactor Set
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200A, 12,000W, 12kW NO Contactor

SPDT Single Pole Double Throw

12V DC Coil

With Magnetic Blowouts

UL Listed

Max DC Contact Voltages and Amperages

12V 1000A---24V 500A

48V 250A---72V 160A

96V 125A---120V 100A

144V 80A---300V 40A

12VDC Coil USA Stock!

(x3) each 12VDC Coil in USA Stock (No minimum order)

China stock/production available (No minimum order)

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200A 12,000W, 12kW 12V-1000A 12V DC Coil EV Contactor Set
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12V USA or China Stock/Production
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This contactor is the standard of the EV industry. Your 200A 12,000W, 12kW contactor can comes with a 12V DC Coil. A bracket and screws are included with the contactor. Multiples of this contactor can be used in series for higher voltage battery packs. Always ensure that the products you use are within their ratings.


200A Contact Switching

SPDT changeover Contact Arrangement

Maximum Coil Energy Draw: 15W

1.5A Power Draw

To confirm the contact will work for your needs, multiply the contact current rating below (100A) by the contact rating voltage below, (60 for DC) and you get the max wattage of the contactor (6000W, 6kW)

Then divide the wattage by your expected maximum voltage, example: 144V (6000/144=41.6)

And you get the max amperage of 41.6A

You will need to stay under the max wattage of 6000 at all times in order to keep your contactor safe




Contact Material


Contact Rating(at Resistive Load)

200A 80VDC

Max. Switching Voltage


Max. Switching Power


Endurance of Over Load Current(7Ie/10S)


Coil Rated Voltage


Pick-up Voltage

<70 % of coil rated voltage

Drop-out Voltage

<30 % of coil rated voltage

Contact Pressure Drop

At most 80mv when 100A

Insulation Resistance

Min. 100MO at 500VDC

Dielectric Strength

(Between Insulated Electric Parts)

1000VAC 50 HZ/60 HZ (1 minute)

Operate Time

Max. 50mSec.

Release Time

Max. 50mSec.

Ambient Temperature

-25C~+60C (-13 to 140F)

The shocking of fixed point

(10~200)HZ, Acceleration <3.5g


(60~100) time/minute, Acceleration <4g

Mechanical Life

100,000 Operations (no load)

Electrical Life

20,000 Operations (at rated load)

Mounting Direction





There are 2 ways to get an exact quote for the base shipping for your 200A 12,000W, 12kW 12V DC Coil EV Contactor Set order.

1.  Contact us at (801) 449-0681 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or email [email protected] or go through our Contact Us page




2. Place your order by clicking in the shopping pallet “Proceed To Checkout”

a. Enter your information so we can get you a shipping quote

b. Select the “Shipping Method” of preference

c. Confirm the “Choose one payment method” has “Shipping Quote Request” selected

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e. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your request, as will we


We’ll research the exact shipping cost and send you an invoice to your PayPal or email or you can add it to your pallet in $1 Shipping Increments for your 200A 12,000W, 12kW 12V DC Coil EV Contactor Set order.



Si se encuentra en un país hispanohablante (América Latina / España) y desea comprar este producto, deberá ponerse en contacto con Reid. Es un proceso realmente simple que consiste en enviar información de envío (dirección y fecha de llegada deseada) @ [email protected].


Investigaremos el costo de envío exacto y le enviaremos una factura por su producto.


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We love to meet or beat any competitor’s price!


Higher volume discounts, price matching or questions?

Contact Carl, our resident specialist.

9am-9pm Mon-Sat MDT

(801) 449-0681

or email

[email protected]


[email protected]

or through our Contact Us page

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