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Small Lithium Energy Storage System

Posted by Carl Clark on 6/7/2019
Small Lithium Energy Storage System

We got involved with Large Energy Storage Systems several years ago as a complement to our main energy focus; Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries. We’ve worked on projects of 1MW (and larger) battery storage capacity. We’re excited to now have Energy Storage Systems for commercial and industrial use that are smaller than our large 20 and 40 ft. containers.

This storage system comes with a rated capacity of either 50 kWh 100 Ah or 100 kWh 200 Ah. This integrated battery system can be flexibly compatible with the user’s PCS (Power Conversion System), providing energy storage for PV self-consumption, demand response, load shifting, backup power, or off-grid. It also can be scalable to MWh solutions for utility applications.

The following features make for a perfect Lithium Energy Storage solution:

LiFePO4 cell built-in for robust technology with good stability.

Own-developed core technology of the BMS provides multi-level software and hardware protections.

Compatible with a wide range of different PCS.

Modular design, easily scalable to Mwh utility scale.

BMS algorithm optimized to ensure SOC accuracy.

Controls the real-time monitor system and operational efficiency.

Optimized, cost-competitive cell especially designed and manufactured for energy storage applications.

LFP chemistry offers good electro-chemical performance and a longer cycle life than other lithium-ion chemistries.

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