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3300 Watts / 3.3kW
72V, 84V, 96V, 144V, 312V, 540V
Battery Charger
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3300 Watts / 3.3kW<br>72V, 84V, 96V, 144V, 312V, 540V<br>Battery Charger
3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger
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3300 Watts / 3.3kW

72V 40A, 84V 40A, 96V 32A,

144V 23A, 312V 10A, 540V 6A

EV Lithium-Lead Acid Battery Charger

Custom Built TCCH

9.4 * 5.9 * 6.1 in

240 * 150 * 156 mm

11.7 Lbs. / 5.3 Kg

1-2 Week Shipping from China

Will be shipped with Mating Connectors, but NOT Cables (except in large quantity orders)

Available as a standard charger without CANbus (Switch Signal)

or with a CANbus, BMS interface.

US $675 * - Shipping Included **

US $573 - FOB China Price

Free shipping to addresses within the Continental United States

** Free Shipping to nearest International Airport Terminal

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1 - 2 $675.00
3 - 5 $664.00
6 - 24 $656.00
25+ $649.00
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3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger
Model Needed?
Battery Type Needed?
Battery Manufacturer? Manufacturer:

Application? Application:

Maximum Voltage of Single Cell? Single Cell Voltage:

Maximum Voltage of the Pack? Max Pack Voltage:

Nominal Voltage of the Pack? Nominal Pack Voltage:

Battery Capacity Each and Pack Configuration Needed? Example: 100Ah (36 (S)eries aka Batteries - 1 (P)arallel or Interconnected Set) - 36S1P:

Input Power Supply? Power Supply:

Input Voltage? Voltage:

Input AC Current? Amps:

On-Board or Off-Board?
With BMS or Without BMS? BMS Brand and Model (If With BMS):

CANbus or Switch Signal?
Shipping Option?
FOB Salt Lake City
FOB China (-$102)
Shipping Method?
Delivery Date Needed? Enter it here:

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Nominal Voltage

LiFePO4 Cells




















User Manual

§  Will automatically adjust to any AC input voltage between 90V and 265V

§  The AC input amperage is 16A

§  Advanced high frequency switching design with 93% efficiency

§  Input Frequency 45-65 Hz

§  Fully sealed enclosure provides protection from harsh environments.

§  Temperature Compensated

§  Automatic internal temperature safety shut-off system (shuts down when temps reach 194°F / 90°C.)

§  Charging Control: CAN bus or ENABLE


Your Charger Plug Decision


When selecting a plug end, you must consider the AC voltage and amperage that’s available to your 3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger.

·        This is the max output wattage from your different options of AC/grid input (limited by charger wattage and efficiency)

a.   120V 15A = 1,800 Watts

b.  240V 30A = 7,200 Watts

c.   240V 50A = 12,000 Watts

d.  240V 70A = 16,800 Watts

You can add an Anderson or NEMA 10-50 plug and/or socket and it will be installed by the factory through the “Choose Options” above


Or add one of the following to your pallet before checking out


·        120V, 15A Socket/Inlet self-installed

·        240V, 30A Locking Plug, Socket/Inlet & Bezel self-installed,

·        120-240V - 15/16, 30/32, or 63/70 Amp J1772 Plug and/or Socket/Inlet factory installed,




·        Purchase your plug end/inlet/socket locally for your 3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger. (self-installed)





There are 2 ways to get an exact quote for the base shipping for your 3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger order.

1.  Contact us at (801) 449-0681 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or email [email protected] or go through our Contact Us page




2. Place your order by clicking in the shopping pallet “Proceed To Checkout”

a. Enter your information so we can get you a shipping quote

b. Select the “Shipping Method” of preference

c. Confirm the “Choose one payment method” has “Shipping Quote Request” selected

d. Click the “Check Out” button

e. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your request, as will we


We’ll research the exact shipping cost and send you an invoice to your PayPal or email or you can add it to your pallet in $1 Shipping Increments for your 3.3kW-3300 Watts EV Lithium-Lead Acid TCCH Battery Charger order.



Si se encuentra en un país hispanohablante (América Latina / España) y desea comprar este producto, deberá ponerse en contacto con Reid. Es un proceso realmente simple que consiste en enviar información de envío (dirección y fecha de llegada deseada) @ [email protected].


Investigaremos el costo de envío exacto y le enviaremos una factura por su producto.


Quantity discounts show in the “Shopping Pallet”.


We love to meet or beat any competitor’s price!


Higher volume discounts, price matching or questions?

Contact Carl, our resident specialist.

9am-9pm Mon-Sat MDT

(801) 449-0681

or email

[email protected]


[email protected]

or through our Contact Us page

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