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Video of Fortune 100Ah Batteries Connected to a BMS

Posted by Carl Clark on 3/18/2021
Watch as Will Prowse of DIY Solar Power connects his favorite LiFePO4 cells, the Fortune 100Ah batteries, into an eight cell pack and then to a BMS to create a 12V 100Ah lithium battery pack.

Fortune 100Ah Lithium Battery Installation Video

Posted by Carl Clark on 9/3/2020
Check out this video showing how our customer William set up the Fortune 100Ah lithium batteries in his power system. He promises more videos to come, so stay tuned!

Kinds of Lithium Batteries Made by Bestgo

Posted by Carl Clark on 2/13/2020

New kinds of lithium battery packs were recently added to our Bestgo Battery lineup and we are excited to explain the benefits of each of these battery breakthroughs. The three kinds of battery modules are:

          1.    Plastic Block Modules

          2.    Aluminum Block Modules

          3.    Cassette Sheet Modules