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Video Showing How Energy Storage System Works

Posted by Carl Clark on 1/21/2019

This video explains how our small residential energy storage systems charge from solar panels during the day and then power the house at night, thus reducing electricity consumption and lowering your power bill. Another great feature of the Home Battery Storage System is the UPS function which ensures continuous electricity during a power outage.


The manufacturer warranties these Energy Systems for 5 years and the ones with 3000 Watts or 5000 Watts output come with a Solar Inverter and a Charge Controller. The Portable Storage Systems are designed for use in case of emergencies, in remote areas, health centers, disaster and rescue services, farms, electrical tools, and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or military use.


A storage system is different than a grid-tied solar system because rooftop solar panels won’t power your home during a power outage with the grid-tied system even if your panels are getting sunlight. A Battery Storage System allows you to pull power from your batteries instead of the grid even when the solar panels aren’t generating power.

Lithium Batteries are much preferred over Lead-Acid Batteries because of the longer lifespan and higher depth of discharge of the Lithium Batteries. Even though Lead-Acid Batteries cost a bit less, they have a shorter lifespan and require more maintenance which makes Lithium Batteries a much wiser choice for most applications.

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100Ah Lithium Battery with Over 3,000 Charge Cycles

Posted by Carl Clark on 1/4/2019
100Ah Lithium Battery with Over 3,000 Charge Cycles

The battery I often recommend for many applications is a 100Ah Lithium Battery which is encased in Aluminum to dissipate heat and increase the life of the battery. This cell has a charge cycle life of over 3,000 cycles which is well above many similar batteries which may have a cycle life of only about 2,000 cycles. As always, price breaks are available for this battery starting at 16 each. Complete pricing and specifications are available at the link above.

Here’s a quick rundown of why Aluminum Encased Lithium Batteries Perform Better:

A typical aluminum encased battery that has better heat dissipation will start out with a higher cycle life.  Dependent upon the size of the cell the expectant charger cycle life of a smaller LifePO4 cell can be as much as 4000 charge cycles and follow the same trajectory of the plastic prismatic cell shown below.  The simple fact is that if you have an application where you want a long life, like for solar storage, and you do not discharge the cells below their nominal 3.2 voltage you will have a cell that will probably outlive you.  Depth of discharge has a very profound effect on a lithium battery’s life.