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Lithium Battery Packs - 48V 16S LiFePO4 Cells

Posted by Carl Clark on 2/11/2019
Lithium Battery Packs - 48V 16S LiFePO4 Cells

We are pleased to have new 48 Volt Lithium Battery Pack Systems from Bright Star available. Every pack comes with a 200 Amp Continuous and 350 Amp Peak Battery Management System (BMS). The Battery Storage Systems also come with Balancers, Busbars, and Endcaps all put together in a steel box.

The batteries used in the LiFePO4 Battery Packs are the Bright Star 150Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries. The 48V Packs contain either 15 or 16 (15S or 16S) 3.2V 150Ah Batteries connected in series to get 48 volts or 51.2 volts respectively. The 15S packs are used mostly for battery energy storage systems and the 16S packs can be used for Electric Vehicles (EVs), golf carts, fork lifts, and other vehicles. The battery cells contained in the Lithium Pack are UL Approved with over 3,000 charge cycles. They are one of our special long-life batteries that are encased in Aluminum to better eliminate heat.

We’ve had many satisfied customers with the Bright Star Batteries and it will be exciting to see what will happen now that they are put together in a complete pack with a BMS and all the other components! Battery Storage technology is advancing at a rapid pace and we are thrilled to have the latest complete Energy Storage Systems with Lithium Batteries!