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Lithium-ion Batteries with Information Screen

Posted by Carl Clark on 5/21/2019
Lithium-ion Batteries with Information Screen
The Lithium Batteries that just arrived at our office come in two sizes; 12.8V 55Ah and 12V 100Ah. They are both Lithium-ion Cells with an LCD screen which shows charging and discharging information. A USB port is provided to export battery information to a computer.

The shape and style of the batteries is much more like a traditional car battery than the Prismatic Batteries we’ve had in our USA stock before. They have all the protections that are needed for Lithium Batteries like Over-charge, Over-discharge, and Temperature.

The 100Ah Batteries have a good cycle life of 2,000 continuous charge cycles before losing 80% of the original battery capacity. The pricing for these batteries is very good, so go ahead and compare it to the competition.