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Beware of Low Cost Lithium Battery Cells

Posted by Carl Clark on 8/25/2021

Don’t become a victim!

Keep in mind this fact.  Lithium is considered a rare metal.  Just like Gold.  You cannot buy gold at dramatically lower prices.  Neither can you buy lithium at bargain prices.

Also remember that the country of China is a Communist controlled country, and the government owns all the land.  The Government also owns and controls all the lithium and other raw materials that go into the production of a lithium battery.  Therefore, all the lithium manufactures in China must pay the same amount for the same grade raw materials.  The only way prices can be reduced is in the automated assembly process.  The companies that are automated can reduce their labor costs.  However, the labor cost of making a lithium battery is only a small fraction of the total battery cost.  If a person buys what is known as an ‘A-‘ or ‘B’ grade lithium battery it will not be warranted by the factory and will not last as long as a good ‘A’ grade cell.

Please be aware that there are a lot of low cost or even counterfeit lithium cells flooding the market.  Almost all of them are a lower grade cell or are even factory rejects that are being advertised as good cells.  Recently a man told me that he had ordered a quantity of batteries from China at a really low price.  When they arrived they had already started to swell.  A swollen battery is a clear sign that the battery is in the final stages of its life.