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BMS (Battery Management System)
For 72 Volt Lithium Battery Packs
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BMS (Battery Management System)<br>For 72 Volt Lithium Battery Packs
BMS (Battery Management System) for 72 Volt Lithium Battery Packs
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BMS (Battery Management System)

For 72 Volt Lithium Battery Packs

With Optional Two 200A Contactors / Relays

5.0 * 4.5 * 1.3 in.

128 * 114 * 33 mm

14.8 oz. / 420 g

The Choice BMS is designed especially for LiFePo4 and Li-NCM lithium battery packs applied to an energy storage system or an Electric Vehicle (EV) such as an E-Motorcycle, E-Scooter, etc. The unit can measure or detect the battery voltage, cell voltage, charge & discharge current, battery temperature, and battery SOC (State of Charge), displayed with TFT color LCD.

User Manual

BMS Installation Instructions

Demonstration Installation Video

Add two 200A Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Contactors / Relays for $160. 300A or 600A Shunt available.

Note: If more current is needed, please select another Contactor / Relay.

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BMS (Battery Management System) for 72 Volt Lithium Battery Packs
Shunt Needed?
300A Shunt (+$0)
600A Shunt (+$40)
Contactor / Relay? (Required)
No Contactors Needed
Two 200A SPST Contactors / Relays (+$160)
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  • Advanced ADC measurement technology, high accuracy, high voltage, and high current detection circuit. The maximum voltage measurements tolerance is within 5mV at up to a 24S LiFePo4 Battery (100.8V).
  • Supports regenerative braking, during braking operation can charge the battery pack and the discharge power (Wh) will decrease to respond to the braking power.
  • Charge/discharge current up to 600A. Bigger current can be customized.
  • 1.2A per cell balance current is very useful for a large capacity battery pack, the feature can resume all cell voltage balancing in the shortest time. Over temperature protection to make sure the system is safe during balancing.
  • Calculates and displays the charge and discharge power (Wh), generally the battery rated power is the rated voltage multiplied by the rated battery capacity.
  • The TFT LCD screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, battery status, SOC, and temperature etc.
  • Maximal safety protection within the range parameters can be setup. The BMS will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to the users’ setup, out of range parameters, and trigged absolute maximum ratings. It will force a cutoff charge or discharge to protect the battery from fire.
  • Minimizes the power consumption by drawing current from all cells or an external power supply.
  • Dual power design, the unit can be powered by all cells or an external power supply.
  • Detects the cell count at any time and compares with the count detected when the switch was on the first time. If it is not uniform, the device will alarm and cutoff the charge or discharge according to the users’ setup. The feature can prevent any cell connection from becoming loose.
  • Sound alarm and LED alarm will be triggered when any warning events happen, and then wait several seconds before cutting off or not cutting off the charge or discharge. The delay time can be programmed.
  • Charge relay and discharge relay are controlled independently.
  • Two temperature sensors monitor battery temperature on different positions.
  • Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port.
  • Provides users the maximal flexibility, key parameters can be programmed.
  • Displays the battery SOC or called battery gauge similar with car dashboard. Cell count, battery pack voltage and battery gauge (%) is displayed simultaneously.
  • In case that the battery pack need not be charged and discharged, Press STOP button to enter sleep mode to save energy consumption. At this mode, Charge and Discharge is forbidden, and LCD back light is off. Press any key to resume normal work mode.
  • LCD back light ON time can be programmed to save energy. When it is OFF, press any key to resume “ON”.
  • Cell count error protection
  • Over charge protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over current protection when charged or discharged
  • High temperature protection
  • Low temperature protection (on LCD unit V3.03)
  • Over differential cell discharge voltage protection
  • Over differential battery temperature protection
  • Under SOC protection




72V LiFePO4 & Li-NCM






15-100V, 3A


1.2A per cell


-4F~302F (-20C~150C)


11000mCd, at

2.0V, 20mA


85dB at 12V, 25mA


AL alloy case




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