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ECPC Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger With MPPT Solar Charger 24VDC 48VDC

Price for 1 Each: $700.00
Item ID:2318

  • 3000W/3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Output with 6000W/7000W Surge—features user-configurable battery charger (120A max), switchable frequencies (50Hz/60Hz), and an optional power-saving mode.
  • Equipped with state of the art MPPT technology, boasting an efficiency of up to 99%, and a powerful bypass function with UPS.
  • Preset battery modes for 48V AGM/Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries. Includes a User mode for custom inputs to work with virtually all battery types.
  • 4 Charging Modes: PV Priority, Utility Priority, Hybrid Charging, and Solar Only; 3 Load Output Modes: PV Priority, Utility Priority, and Inverter Only.
  • Dynamic LCD and intelligent LEDs provide relevant system information and identify any errors.
  • Exhaust ventilation fans allow for excellent heat dissipation, extending the system's life.
  • Complete software and hardware protection, including short circuit, over-voltage, overload, and more!
Basic System:

1. PV module: Convert light energy into DC power, and charge the battery through the all-in-one solar charge inverter, or directly invert into AC power to drive the load.

2. Mains or generator: Connected at the AC input, to power the load while charging the battery. If the mains or generator is not connected, the system can also operate normally, and the load is powered by the battery and PV module.

3. Battery: Provided to ensure normal power supply to the system loads when solar energy is insufficient and the Mains is not connected.

4. Household load: Allow connection of various household and office loads, including refrigerators, lamps, TVs, fans and air conditioners.

5. All-in-one solar charge inverter: The energy conversion unit of the whole system.

Charging Mode:
1. PV priority: PV module will charge the battery preferentially, and the battery is charged by the Mains only when the PV system fails. During the day, solar energy is fully used to charge, while at night, it converts to the Mains. This can maintain battery level, and is ideal for areas where the grid is relatively stable and electricity price is relatively high.
2. Mains priority: The Mains supply is preferentially used to charge the battery. Only when the Mains fails, the PV charging can be activated.
3. Hybrid charging: PV and mains hybrid charging. PV MPPT charging is a priority, and when PV energy is insufficient, the mains supply supplements. When the PV energy is sufficient again, the mains stops charging. This is the fastest charging mode, suitable for the areas where power grid is unstable, providing sufficient backup power supply at any time.
4. Only Solar (Only Solar): Only PV charging, without Mains charging. This is the most energy-efficient way in which battery is charged only by solar panels, and is usually used in areas with good lighting conditions.