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Eight Advantages of Pouch Cells for Lithium Battery Packs

Posted by Carl Clark on 4/25/2019
Eight Advantages of Pouch Cells for Lithium Battery Packs

A 30Ah Lithium Battery is the latest Pouch Cell manufactured by Bestgo Battery. The best thing about these LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries is that they can be connected in series and parallel to make a 12 cell pack of 12.8V 90Ah 4S3P, 9.6V 120Ah 3S4P, or 19.2V 60Ah 6S2P to configure your battery pack exactly as you want.

The 30Ah Pouch Cell is a kind of LiFePO4 cell with good power and energy density, long cycle life, and ultra-safe design. An advanced Product Database Management System (PDMS) is deployed to monitor the whole cell manufacturing process. The system will also help to select the best identical cells for assembling a Lithium Battery Pack and make sure the cells in the pack will have the best consistency. With our high-quality Lithium Cells, we can help you build a nice Energy Storage System for various applications like a UPS power supply, an off-grid solar system etc.

Bestgo Battery is one of our best Lithium Battery suppliers. Their Lithium Pouch Cells are riding the crest of a new way of thinking with regards to Energy Storage. They are the new frontier. Bestgo’s new pouch cells are the ultimate in weight, flexibility, and life. We are getting glowing reports from a variety of customers who are using pouch cells in robotics, yard maintenance equipment, undersea vehicles, research projects, and other applications where they are replacing small engines. Bestgo’s factory has a production capacity of over a million cells a month. From a very basic level, here are 8 reasons that we like to use EV Pouch Cells in Lithium Battery Packs:

  1. Flexibility of the Lithium Battery Pack

Bestgo offers completely assembled battery packs with the BMS built in as a standard battery module. Modules can be assembled in a parallel configuration for increased capacity, or in a series configuration to increase the voltage. If needed, the BMS can offer an output cable for communication. These battery modules can be charged separately or as a whole battery pack if assembled.

  2. Cycle Life

Bestgo has tested a cell that was randomly picked off the assembly line. After the accelerated equivalent of more than 12 years (4,400 charge cycles) of constant cycling, this 10 AH cell still registered about 9 AH. That is a very impressive small drop of storage capacity after 12 years of about 10%.

  3. Reliability

As an example, a 36-volt pack at 10 AH will only require 12 pouch cells welded together. If that same application were to use 18650 cylindrical cells, it would require 72 pieces of 1.5 Ah 18650 cells welded together. In a series string if any of the 72 cells have a problem the complete pack will fail. Also 72 cells mean 144 nodes, each node represents one potential fault. So, a cylindrical based pack is not as reliable as an electrically equivalent pouch cell pack which would only have 24 nodes. In addition, the pouch cell welding procedure is much more reliable than welding cylindrical cells.

  4. Improved Energy Storage

A pouch cell’s energy storage capacity is much greater in a given physical space in comparison to cylindrical cells.

  5. Safety

Whenever either pouch cells or cylindrical cells have internal problems, pressure builds and they will swell up. In those infrequent situations, pouch cells merely swell up. Cylindrical cells are traditionally encased in an iron jacket, so that when the pressure builds within a cylindrical cell whose ends are held captive by other batteries or the case, they can literally explode which could result in a dangerous safety hazard.

  6. Weight

Typically, pouch cells weigh less than the equivalent prismatic or cylindrical battery. The flat pouch cell energy density is greater than other shaped cells.

  7. Uniformity and Consistency

Bestgo’s entire pouch cell line is manufactured by automatic equipment, thus eliminating human error in hand-made cells. In between each step of the manufacturing process, the cell is automatically tested which allows every cell to have amazing uniformity and consistency.

  8. Included PCB

One of the other benefits to using pouch cells for smaller applications is the fact that Bestgo can furnish a very effective PCB (Protective Circuit Board) with the pack to balance the batteries and protect them from over-charging and being over discharged. For smaller battery applications up to 72 volts, the PCB approach is far more cost-effective than the more elaborate BMS systems. Each PCB board will control up to 20 cells.

I’m sure you can see by now why we are excited by Bestgo Battery Pouch Cells in general and 30Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Pouch Cells in particular. We hope you can find an application which these cells would be perfect for. Your energy ideas are what our company runs on!

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