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DC Voltage Detector

Price for 1 Each: $90.00
Item ID:2326
DC Voltage Detector Operation Manual Mode #: DCDTC DC Voltage Detector is designed with 3 relays which will close or open at preset battery voltage to trigger the operation of Inverter Charger RLCD, 60/62.5hz inverter frequency switch and AC circuit breaker with remote control. All the 3 relays are rated at 2 amps and operate within designed amp/voltage. On the top cover, there are three buttons: “Set””Up”and ”Down”. On the side, there is a 2-pin DIP switch, the nominal battery voltage is set through DIP switches , 0,0 for 12v / 1,0 for 24v / 1,1 for 48v FEATURES Intelligent control of inverter charger operation Narrow inverter operation voltage range for specific applications Output 60/62.5hz freq switch signal for AC coupled systems