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TransWarP 11 EV DC Motor
72-156V 452A
Double Ended Shaft
NetGain TransWarP 11 Motors
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TransWarP 11 EV DC Motor<br>72-156V 452A<br>Double Ended Shaft
TransWarP 11 EV DC Motor 72-156V, 452A Double Ended Shaft
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TransWarP 11

72-156V, 452A

Advanced Timing

NetGain EV Motors

TransWarP 11  Motor

This motor has an 11.45" diameter. It is a series wound DC motor with a double ended shaft. Our TransWarP 11  Motor has been designed to ease the conversion process for people who want direct drive applications. It has many unique features that set it apart from any other EV motor currently manufactured.


This motor has a "shorty" tail shaft housing from a Chevrolet Turbo 400 transmission fitted to the drive end-bell (may be ordered with or without housing!) This is because the drive end shaft is not the typical 1.125" single-keyed type, but rather a hefty 1.370", 32-tooth involute spline that is identical to the tail shaft spline of a Turbo 400 transmission. In other words, this motor was designed to replace a transmission and couple directly to a drive shaft!


But we didn't stop there! We added double wide bearings on the drive end, added grease fittings (as you now have a slip-yoke assembly...). We chose the industry standard 1350 universal, so you can easily adapt it to any manufacturer’s drive shaft! We moved the terminals to the side of the motor to avoid road hazard damage, and to allow more clearance above and below. The motor also has brush wear indicators and a temperature snap switch. It has the same high efficiency fan and massive commutator and brushes as the WarP 11 motor. We even made the commutator end shaft the same diameter as the drive end of a typical WarP 11 - just in case you wanted to connect 2, 11" motors together!


If that wasn't enough, we also provide a lifting ring and 8 threaded mounting holes in the commutator end bell. This way you will find it easier to mount, as well as having a method of easily attaching a speed sensor, alternator, air conditioner, etc.

Shipping varies according to your location and situation. Select the options above that fit your situation.

Are you are shipping to a business, and do you have a dock or forklift for getting the motor off the truck?

Basic shipping to a business runs around $150, residential adds $89, liftgate adds $89.

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TransWarP 11 EV DC Motor 72-156V, 452A Double Ended Shaft
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Netgain Slip Yoke?
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·       Type: Series wound DC

·       Diameter: 11.45”

·       Length: 17.027” (face-face)

·       Weight: 233 Lbs.

·       HP: 32 (Continuous @ 144V)

·       RPM: 5,800

·       Torque: 135 Lbs.-ft. @ 450 Amps

·       Shaft: Turbo 400, 32 Tooth Splined

·       Timing: Favored or Neutral (User selectable)

·       Brushes: Dual wafer Helwig Carbon Red top

·       Insulation: Class “H”

·       Terminal Studs: 1/2”

·       Fan: High efficiency 15 blade

·       Delivery: Stock

·       1 Year/2000hr Factory Warranty

Specifications Sheet

Torque Graph
Rotation and Timing
Motor Drawing
CAD Drawing

CAD Drive End Detail

Click here for more general information about choosing the right EV motor

Here is the general rule for motor to vehicle weight:  (Please note that terrain, coefficient of drag, frontal area, tire diameter, rolling resistance, gearing, etc. also affect these #'s, and they are NOT cast in stone - your results may vary...)


Direct Drive Motor Selection*


Vehicle Weight

Dual Coupling Motor

Vehicle Weight

Impulse 9




TransWarP 7

1,400 lbs

WarP 7

2,800 lbs

TransWarP 9

1,750 lbs

WarP 9

3,500 lbs

TransWarP 11

2,100 lbs

WarP 11

4,200 lbs

TransWarP 11HV

1,900 lbs

WarP 11HV

3,800 lbs


The use of a transmission allows you to double the figures of the first table:

Transmission-ed Vehicle Motor Selection


Vehicle Weight

WarP 7

2,800 lbs

WarP 9

3,500 lbs

WarP 11

4,200 lbs

WarP 11HV

3,800 lbs

*Direct Drive assumes that a differential with additional gearing is being utilized.




There are 2 ways to get an exact quote for the base shipping for your NetGain TransWarp 11 43.7 HP 72 volts, 453 amps, DC EV motors order.

1.  Contact us at (801) 566-5678 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or email [email protected] or go through our Contact Us page




2. Place your order by clicking in the shopping pallet “Proceed To Checkout”

a. Enter your information so we can get you a shipping quote

b. Select the “Shipping Method” of preference

c. Confirm the “Choose one payment method” has “Shipping Quote Request” selected

d. Click the “Check Out” button

e. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your request, as will we


We’ll research the exact shipping cost and send you an invoice to your PayPal or email or you can add it to your pallet in $1 Shipping Increments for your NetGain TransWarp 11 43.7 HP 72 volts, 453 amps, DC EV motors order.



Quantity discounts show in the “Shopping Pallet”.

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Higher volume discounts, price matching or questions?

Contact Carl, our resident specialist.

9am-9pm Mon-Sat MDT

(801) 566-5678

or email

[email protected]


[email protected]

or through our Contact Us page

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